GLHS Staff

Bruce Garman

Hi! I have been executive director of GLHS since February 2004.  My involvement with the LGBTT community in Saskatoon began in 1971 when I came out and very soon found myself talking to Gens Hellquist about his pioneering efforts to organize our community.  Since then, I have been involved with many of the groups and initiatives which have been a part of our community fabric.  It now feels great to be paid to work within a unique agency like GLHS.

It will be stating the obvious to say that my job is to see the big picture of the lives of  lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people in Saskatoon and beyond.  What I also want to tell you is that a big part of that job is seeing and understanding the details of those lives.  Please contact me if you have some ideas about what GLHS can be.  Let me know the kinds of programs which could have an impact on your life.  Your willingness to share your thoughts and feelings could benefit the whole community.

I can be reached at or 665-1224  and promise to return your call!

Bob Challis

Hey all you wonderful people my name is Bob Challis and I am the Business Manager (the money man as my co-workers call me) for GLHS. My background is in recreation and community development administration and I hold a diploma in Recreation Technology from Kelsey and a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Oregon. I have worked in the private sector and have also owned my own business. North Battleford is what I call home but I have lived in many places throughout Saskatchewan and even spent 7 years in Washington and Oregon State, USA. Need I say I’m glad to be back in Saskatchewan? I currently live in Saskatoon with my partner and our pet rock.

My job is to develop and manage the financial end of the organization. This includes finding funders (foundations, government agencies, etc.) to fund specific projects as well as our on going operational needs. We also work at developing partnerships with business and corporations. If you check out our website at under sponsorship you will see that we have a lot of allies out there. We encourage our community to support those business and corporation that support us. We also rely on individual support from our community. If you would like to find out how you can contribute please call me.

The really fun part of my job is planning our fundraising events, like the GALA Awards and dances. It lets me interact with many of you in the community that I don’t normally see during work. I love working with our volunteers and thank the stars for them. Keep up to date on these and new events we have in the planning, by going to our website or calling our office. If you have any questions about fundraising or have ideas for fundraising or would just like to talk please give me a call.

Garnet Woloschuk

I do Health Promotions for Gay & Lesbian Health Services and have been involved with GLHS for 11 years in a variety of capacities. My educational background is a BA in Sociology, which has been integral to my work at this agency and my outlook on life. Throughout my employment I have delivered hundreds of educational speaks in universities, high schools, conferences and professional settings as well as sat on a variety of committees providing comprehensive information on the gay & lesbian community.

Part of my work involves coordination of GLHS’ HIV Prevention For Gay Men Project, which is a project we hope will foster healthy harm reduction attitudes and behaviors within the gay and bisexual male community in Saskatchewan and beyond.

I am always available for a good conversation with people who drop by the centre or call GLHS. Whether you need information on subjects which affect the queer community, a receptive ear to discuss your personal life path or just want to connect with your local LGBTTA community just stop by or give me a call.

Julie Richards

Hello everyone! I’m the “Youth Coordinator” here at GLHS. I facilitate the Out & Proud Youth (OPY) group and do educational speaks with students and professional groups. I’m also coordinating a project called “Woman to Woman Abuse” which is looking at access to care issues for women experiencing violence in same sex relationships.

When I’m not at work I’m at home with my fiancée, hanging out with my friends or perhaps performing in a drag show! Please feel free to e-mail, call or come down to the office to see me!

Barbara Clanchy

I was born in Southern England and moved to Saskatchewan more than 20 years ago. I have three grown children and am “Nanna” to two grandsons.

I ran my own business as a clown/performer/drama teacher for 20+ years and worked doing Arts Admin. contracts in the off seasons.

I started as the Volunteer Co-ordinator at GLHS on International Women’s Day in 2004.

We’re always looking for volunteers for a variety of positions and tasks: being on the board or various committees, answering the help phone line, facilitating groups, doing newsletter layout/mailout, helping with dances & events, and many other opportunities.

Contact me by calling 665-1224 or by email.

Tracy Hogan

Hi! My name is Tracy. I’m the Administrative Assistant, Good Food Box Co-ordinator, as well as the Membership Co-ordinator here at GLHS.

I started at GLHS in the summer of 2004, and consider it a priviledge to work with some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met. It truly is an honour to work along side the staff at GLHS!

In my spare time, I like to draw; write poetry; and sing. I also enjoy hitting the summer festivals throughout the city (especially Pride Week!). I’m enjoying my time here at GLHS immensely, and I look forward to my future here serving our Community.